Lucca and Tuscany

Each city of this rich fabric of Tuscan land is like a splendid, articulated embroidery, all to be explored and each different from the other in colors and shapes.
Lucca is a destination, not a passage, and also a point of exploration of a vast green and cultivated territory, of history, oil, wine.Lucca is one of these Tuscan embroideries, with its walls that collect it, its towers and its squares , the hills all around, cultivated and green, medieval churches and nature walks a step away from the center, perhaps following the nineteenth-century aqueduct with its elegant arches. Lucca is fully Tuscan but it is proudly a city unto itself, with its centuries of independence, the silks and brocades that have made it its wealth, its Government Palace, its medieval towers, its fair Libertas written on the shields that decorate the city gates. Lucca has stones on the ground, trees for shade, streets and shops, stops and refreshments, events and meetings, sunsets and afternoons of sun and rain. Lucca, all year round, is the ideal destination for a trip to Tuscany.