Florence, Pisa and surroundings

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Tuscan cities

Moving away from Lucca along the motorways, the closest city to the south is Pisa (about 20 minutes), while to the east is Florence (about 40 minutes). .Pisa is the city of the tower and of the Miracles complex, of one of the oldest Italian and European universities, a place of science, literature, art, robotics, crossed by the Arno himself who, first, passes through Florence. Pisa has the charm and warmth of those cities where each century has left its soul, and it can be seen clearly among the marbles of the cathedral as well as in the remains of Roman ships overwhelmed by floods and preserved in the Medici Arsenals, or in the temporary exhibitions of the Palazzo Blue that bring echoes of time and travel to the city.
Florence was the Italian capital after Turin and before Rome, and that breath has remained within it, from the elegance of the farm park to the crossroads of the world that is Ponte Vecchio, from the elegant shops in the center to the numerous museums, churches and convents. , to the squares at the sunsets on Piazzale Michelangelo, breathing hills and irises.The surroundings of both cities are excellent opportunities to get lost to discover landscapes, views, farmhouses, castles, places to stop and taste the places and fruits of this welcoming land.